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Probably due to a Christian background, crucifixion is an erotic obsession of mine. 

Due to this fetish, I joined the Crux mailing list in 1998 and posted my first photomontage on this topic - a nude, whipped girl with a crown of thorns, crucified by ropes and riding on a sharp edged piece of wood...

It may be some kind of historical misrepresentation, but for me, crucifixion is not a capital punishment as it was in Roman times, but a strong and humiliating torment. It makes it possible to display the nude (or almost nude) and already tortured body to the mocking crowd - and even to continue torturing the victim in public in an absolutely helpless position...


"... crucifixion is at least as much a mental experience as a physical one. The humiliation of being displayed naked in front of an unsympathetic mob for days on end plays a major part in it. And when it comes to crucifixion as the subject of eroticism, the humiliation factor actually takes the lead..."

Mahashiva, 31 Jan 2003, in Crux


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